Business Storage

Why not let Abound Storage take care of your company’s storage needs? There’s no need for expensive warehousing space when we can store your stock at affordable rates. We have all the necessary facilities to offload your stock and assist in  packing it into our storage units, with the help of forklifts and pallet-jacks. We have different sizes to suit all your needs, and we can negotiate better rates based on quantity.

Document Storage

Are your old archived documents taking over your office? Are you tired of paying exorbitant fees at specialist document storage facilities, charging per document and for a list of services that you never use?

Why not store your documents in one of our units? We can assist you with the correct size unit for you needs, and in setting up a suitable shelving system at the fraction of the cost of a specialist document warehousing company. Alternatively you can bring your own shelves, and we’ll even assist you in installing them.

We are open seven days a week and you have complete access to your unit to take out documents and/or add new documents whenever you please. Speak to us and let us explain all the possible alternatives. Take back control of your documents.